Come Prepared

Costumes are a massive part of Garden Party but not expected. If coming in costume please choose appropriately.

No culturally insensitive costumes. No black facing. No weapons — fake or real. No pets. We reserve the right of admission.

Wear appropriate footwear. Wear sun or rain protection. Garden Party will go ahead rain, hail or shine. No umbrella's or chairs.

Bring any medications you require such as asthma inhalers etc.

Leave food and drink at home, but you may bring in an empty water bottle if you wish. There are on-site bars, water stations with cups, food vendors and plenty of free food (GF and Veg).

No bags, backpacks or coolers over 40x40cm. All bags and costume props will be searched upon entry.

This event is cashless, so bring eftpos. There are no ATM's on site or credit card facilities.


If you feel that you require support for any reason during the event, please head to our ‘Info and Wellness’ marquee where you will find Red Frogs and medical assistance.

Security and Police will be on-site, surrounding the local community and streets, stationed around the fully fenced venue and out doing random roadside breath testing.

Stage diving, crowd surfing and circle pits are not permitted.

Drug Testing

Anonymous and free drug testing will be carried out by 'Know Your Stuff' and 'NZ Drug Foundation', community organisations committed to reducing drug related harm at festivals and events.

Dates and times TBC

LUSA does not condone drug use and it’s safest for you not to use drugs, but given some of you may have decided to despite the risk, it’s important to keep you safe. This checking service is about LUSA doing our bit to ensure everyone returns home safely at the end of the event.

Harm reduction counselling will also be provided as part of the service.

Keeping Yourself Safe

Based on public health advice from the NZ Drug Foundation on ‘Safer Partying’, below are some tips for keeping yourself safe when attending our festival

  • Avoid mixing any drugs (including alcohol and medications) as this greatly increases your risk of negative effects or overdose.
  • Stick to your limits. Only have on you what you plan to use as it can be hard to stick to decisions you made once intoxicated.
  • Stay hydrated. If you are doing a lot of dancing or physical activities, aim to drink a glass of water per hour and take regular breaks.
  • Look out for your mates and check in regularly to make sure everyone is okay and able to get home.
  • If choosing to use drugs, plan for the high and the recovery. Make sure you have the experience you want and that it does not impact on other commitments. Research what to expect from the substance you are planning to use, decide how much you want to use while you’re still sober, and test your product using a drug checking service to check it is what you think it is. Measure your dose, and make sure you know where you will be staying for your recovery.
  • Do not take drugs from an unknown source or stranger.
  • Be careful of sharing water from an unknown source or stranger, as this can sometimes contain something unexpected.
  • Let your body recover. Have a safe and comfortable place to recover after using drugs, and avoid using other drugs when coming down as this can put more strain on your body and make the eventual comedown worse. Most drugs force the release of feel good chemicals and if you use frequently you can run down your reserves which means longer comedowns, milder highs and potential addiction.
  • Reflect. Check in with yourself that your use is not impacting upon other parts of your life. If it is, reach out for help to change your use.
  • For urgent help call 111 and ask for an Ambulance (the Police will not be informed of overdose / drug-related emergencies). For support and information contact:

Alcohol Drug Helpline

Text 8681

Call 0800 787 797



Lost Property

Lost property can be found at the ‘Info and Wellness’ marquee during the day and at the LUSA Office from Monday 19th October.


Gates Open: 10.00am Gates Shut: 11.30am Arrive well before gates close to avoid congestion and be patient.


Never drink and drive. There are many options to ensure you and your friends remain safe before and after the event, ask our team if you need assistance.

Arrange someone to drop off and collect you after the event, use the nearby public transport, taxi, Uber or have a designated driver. It’s a 20 minute drive from Christchurch.

Arriving at the event? Here are your options:​

  • Walking: Gate 2, Ellesmere Junction Road
  • Pick Up/Drop off: Gate 1, Ellesmere Junction Road
  • Parking: Orchard Carpark (Gate 3, Springs Road)
  • Disability Parking (with disability permit): Gate 2, Ellesmere Junction Road
  • Metro B: drop off at Gate 1​

Take advantage of our $5 bus passes which will run back to Ilam Fields following the event with stops at Lincoln Township, Prebbleton, Hornby, Church Corner. These will depart at regular intervals. Bus passes can be purchased at [insert ticket link]

Please be respectful of our neighbourhood when leaving the festival. We also ask that you dispose of your rubbish in the bins provided.

Ticketing and Resale

The only valid ticket sale source is Humanitix. Unlike previous years, ticket resales will not be allowed unless made through the official ticket resale platform Tixel.

Tixel provides an easy and safe platform to allow ticket holders to sell their unwanted tickets and buyers to purchase a ticket without worrying about scalping and scamming. All ticket resale prices will be controlled and may not exceed the original ticket price. Tixel will perform the required name and detail changes to the ticket so that the buyer’s details are correctly displayed on their ticket.

If you bought multiple tickets, make sure each ticket is named correctly, as everyone upon entering will have to present ID along-side their named ticket. If you are purchasing tickets on behalf of someone else, we suggest you utilise the option to email each ticket holder their ticket when checking out with Humanitix, to avoid confusion at the gates.

If the name on your ID does not match your ticket, you will not be allowed entry and will be required to purchase a gate sale ticket, provided the event has not already sold out.

It’s really important that you give us your correct contact details on your ticket for the purposes of COVID-19 contact tracing, should we be in a position that we need to do this.

We can scan tickets on your mobile phone, although if you have a cracked screen it might be a good idea to print your ticket out as they can be more difficult to scan.

Before arriving at the event open your Humanitix email, click on the link/attachment to reveal your Humanitix digital ticket in preparation for scanning. Ensure the lighting on your mobile phone is turned right up to aid the speed of scanning your digital ticket. Simply present the digital ticket to the customer service representative at the gates for scanning alongside your ID.

If you have purchased a bus ticket, you will also need to show this to the ticket scanners at the gate as they will be providing you with a wristband. Make sure you do not lose or misplace your wristband as that is your ticket for the bus ride home.

Refunds/Exchanges: Humanitix and LUSA cannot issue refunds or exchanges after a ticket has been purchased. Please be sure you choose your tickets carefully.

Resale: We are working with Tixel who provide a safe and easy place for you sell your ticket to another fan. To sell your ticket please go to tixel.com/sell and follow the prompts.

If you have already found a buyer for your ticket but want to complete the transaction safely, you can create a private sale by selecting the ‘make my listing private’ option at the final step.

If you wish to buy a resale ticket, head to Tixel and purchase via this channel to ensure all of your details are correct and the ticket is transferred into your name. If the name on your ID does not match your ticket, you will not be allowed to enter.

Door Sales: If not sold out prior, will be $80. Eftpos only.

Intox/Support Zone

We have a duty of care for your safety. Bar staff and security staff can refuse service to anyone showing signs of being overly intoxicated, be that alcohol or drug use, and have you admitted into the Support Zone. If you end up in the Support Zone, you will remain there until you are deemed safe to be removed from the event and appropriate transport has been arranged for your removal. You will not enter back into Garden Party at any stage under any circumstance. Please Note: Unlike previous years, you will not have the ability to sober up in the Support Zone and re-enter the event. A liquor ban has been applied to the surrounding streets. Security will be present in these areas and police will be active in policing this. Please respect the law. If you are hosting a pre/after party be sure to register is with GoodOne to help you and your guests stay safe and have a good one.


Garden Party is strictly R18 — minors are prohibited. All patrons are required to present one of the below forms of ID on request. These must be current, and valid on the day of the event. Only these three approved forms of ID will be accepted;

  • Drivers Licence
  • Kiwi Access Card (18+)
  • NZ or Overseas Passport
Physical copies only, photographs will not be accepted.

Bag searches will be conducted upon entry, and all water bottles entering the festival must be empty.

Make sure the name on your ticket matches your ID. You will be required to present your ID alongside your ticket to scanners to make sure that these details match. See Ticketing for more information on this.

Do not arrive intoxicated or under the influence of drugs, you will not gain entry into Garden Party under any circumstances.

Please Note: Unlike previous years, you will not have the ability to sober up in the Detox Zone and re-enter the event.

No pass outs.

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